12 Jun

In America, you will find that a lot of people have tattoos, whether they be big or small. That is not something you will find in Japan, although I have seen a few people, mostly men, with tattoos. Tattoos are slowly becoming more accepted in Japan, however there are still some places that do not allow them. In Japanese history, tattoos were once used to mark outlaws and criminals. Then they became popular among members of the Japanese mafia. Still today, some people associate tattoos with mafia members and that is why they are looked at so negatively. I wouldn’t say all Americans associate tattoos with positive things, but they are more accepted in the U.S. Gang members in America usually have a specific tattooed symbol, use hand gestures or have clothing to recognize which gang they are in. So maybe that is why tattoos are more accepted because there are other ways of picking out members of a gang in America than just simply having a tattoo. It is rare to find a public place such as a water park or gym that will deny your entry because you have tattoos. In Japan, we were trying to find a water park but it was hard to find a place that would allow us in with tattoos, same as hot springs places. Even when I went to a club with my sister, I had to hide my tattoo with my hair because they wouldn’t let people in with visible tattoos. But every place is not like this, I think as the years pass they will become more accepted and tattoos will stray away from its negative association.


One Response to “Tattoos”

  1. adrenox June 12, 2011 at 5:19 am #

    I guess I understand the cause for the concern in Japan but I too believe that tattoos will slowly inch their way in to normal society. Although it may take more than two generations (the “tattooed people now”‘s grand-kids) to be fully accepted. Around that time enough of the young population would have tattoos to where denying entry to particular activities (such as clubs or pools) would actually begin to affect their revenue. I should have been warned beforehand of this issue lol.

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