Lucent Pictures

12 Jun

On our last week of Study Abroad, we got the chance to visit the company Futurescope. Before the CEO of Futurescope gave his presentation, we were given a presentation from their “brother” company, Lucent Pictures. This is a film production company, and it was interesting to see the new things they were working on. At first, they showed us all of the 2D films they were turning into 3D films. They explained they it was a very long and specific project because they had to go through each shot of the movie to pick out the best image to make three dimensional. That is hard work. I never imagined so much work to go into making a 3D movie, I just thought there was a machine to make the whole film 3D rather than someone actually picking each image.

After that, they showed us a new innovation they were working on, which would allow you to have unlimited zoom features of photos and movies. I thought that is was cool to have such a close look at images without compromising the quality of the image. They wanted our opinion on whether or not it would be successful when they market it, and after considering many things, this is what I think. I couldn’t imagine it to be very successful if they expect people to pay for it as an extra feature. I could see something like this being useful in the photo or film industry for editing purposes. However, as a person in neither of these fields, it was cool for the first few minutes and then I had seen all that I needed to. To add to that, this was a feature exclusive to the Playstation system, and I don’t think many people who don’t have an this game system would be willing to buy one just to experience this feature.

Regardless of my thoughts on success of their new innovation, I still found their presentation to be very interesting and was appreciative that they took the time to present to us.


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