Group Dinner: Shabu Shabu

12 Jun

For our first group dinner together, we ate Shabu Shabu. Four of us sat at a table with a large bowl and were given raw meat and vegetables to cook in the bowl of hot water. You were your own cook! Any complaints you had about food being undone or overcooked were all your fault. At first, I think we were all skeptical because we had to share with three people who although were our peers, we didn’t know that well. However, it was very sanitory because each person is given their own bowl and there was a pair of chopsticks that were only supposed to be used for picking up the food. Eventually, midway into eating, we all got comfortable and just stuck our own chopsticks in. We figured the heat would kill any germs anyway.

A week before I left for Japan, I went to the Melting Pot in Michigan, and it is somewhat comparable to this experience. In my opinion, the taste of Shabu Shabu was much better and you were given more things to cook; and the food was unlimited!



One Response to “Group Dinner: Shabu Shabu”

  1. Andrew Beaver June 12, 2011 at 7:59 am #

    I wouldn’t call myself a Japanese cuisine aficionado. That said, Shabu Shabu was probably one of my favorite group dinner restaurants, even though I was nervous, particularly when it came to assuring my meat wasn’t raw. However, I particularly enjoyed the soft music and sauna like atmosphere that lulled me into a light sleep at one point after our busy day.

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