12 Jun

We went to the Tokyo Dome to watch the Tokyo Giants take on the Orix Buffaloes. Dr. C got us good seats, so we were able to sit in the section right by 1st base. Of course, the Giants were the home team, so our whole section cheered for them. As the Giants would be up to bat, the cheering section would start singing songs and yelling out chants. Also, everyone in that section had on the team attire. I could not find anyone with their colors on. Wearing team paraphernalia is popular in America too, but I had never seen a whole fan section all coordinated.

I think compared to Japanese baseball, American is a lot more competitive and kind of “show-offy” (just made that word up). In American baseball there seems to be more power hits, as hitting home runs is the ideal thing. However, in Japan, it seemed they cared more to just get people on the bases and hit the ball. I think there was only one home run during the entire game. Also, as the other team were up to bat, the home crowd were silent. I was expecting to hear “boo’s” from the crowd, but I didn’t.

The last difference I noticed was on my hunt for popcorn. Out of all of the concession stands, only one of them had popcorn…and they only had caramel! I was surprised, I had never been to a baseball game (I’ve only been twice, lol) where popcorn had not been served, that is like tradition in America. I got the popcorn anyway, it was actually good.


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