More Fun…Japan at Night!!!

11 Jun

So of course, we couldn’t say we have experienced Japan without taking a tour of the nightlife. The first night everyone went out in Tokyo, I had to wait on my sister to come from Osaka, so I didn’t go with the group. However, me and my sister met up with some of her friends and went to a club called Camelot. The clubs here don’t close until 5am, so we didn’t leave from the hotel until about 1am. There is a cool website that shows you all of the upcoming club events in different areas. It isn’t hard to find a club that you will enjoy because many of them have multiple floors for dancing and each floor has a different style. I thought this was cool, because you have the opportunity to meet so many different people in one place. All in one night, you could dance to techno on one floor, then hip hop on the next floor, and then house music on the floor after that. Of the places I have been to in America, the style of music and atmosphere depends on the venue on that day, and they just change their theme for each day of the week.

Japanese people know how to party. You definitely won’t find too many people sitting down here. They also are very friendly. Maybe it was because we were foreign, but almost every place I had been to there would be either boys or girls coming up to me just to say “hi”. The only downside to partying in Japan is the price. Most clubs charge between 2000-3500 yen for entry, but that usually includes a drink ticket. That’s like paying $25-$40 every time you go out! In America, I usually pay $0-$5 for bars and $20 at the most to get into a nightclub on a regular night.



2 Responses to “More Fun…Japan at Night!!!”

  1. adrenox June 12, 2011 at 5:22 am #

    This isn’t even a legit comment buy why Candice…why? (lol)

    • Candice Whiteside June 12, 2011 at 6:53 am #

      Haha! I had to, I needed to show people how me we all enjoyed ourselves here, lol!!!

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