Fast Food???

11 Jun

Living in America, I am used to seeing at least one “fast food” restaurant every where I turn. In America, this is usually an establishment where the food is somewhat made before ordering, or takes less than 10 minutes to make. Most of these establishments also usually have a drive-thru. However, you won’t find many of those here in Japan. The few that are here are American brands such as McDonald’s and Burger King. The Japanese equivalent of a “fast food” establishment consists of a small restaurant, with the ability to seat about 20 people at the most. Many of these places use the vending machine ordering system. Being that many people use public transportation here anyway, a drive-thru probably wouldn’t get much traffic anyway. The food still comes quick, but compared to America establishments, I would say the food offered in these places are more wholesome. It’s not like picking up a quick snack or finger foods. Instead you can get full dishes such as curry and rice or a meat entree with side dishes. I favor this style of “fast food” way better than America. It gives you many options, and who wouldn’t enjoy a “home cooked”-like meal in just a few minutes.


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