Tokyo Gymnasium

10 Jun

During the whole trip, I really wanted to go to a water park. The guys found out about the Tokyo Gymnasium, a place that had a pool, pretty good priced, and allowed people with tattoos. A bunch of us got together and took the subway there on a free day. After we had all changed into our swimsuits and were walking out to the pool, we noticed they were all lap pools. Everyone there was using the pool for exercise and we were just trying to have fun. Then a lifeguard stopped us and told us we had to buy swim caps if we wanted to get in the water. So much for us just splashing around in the water.

We all stood there and debated what we should do, and Tiffany mentioned seeing a hot tub in the locker room. So the girls and guys separated and went back into the locker rooms. I felt awkward being back there because we were the only ones clothed. I never knew Japanese women were so comfortable with nudity. I understand it was the locker room, but none of them made any attempts to cover anything. I was so not used to this. My experience in the locker rooms at the gym or water park in America are much different. I think that maybe in America, because we feel less comfortable around strangers, we don’t allow ourselves to be as “free” in this setting.

The “hot tub” Tiffany found, was actually a bath but we didn’t know this before we got in. We kept on our swimsuits and were enjoying the hot water and steam, and noticed a lot of women looking at us. They didn’t speak much English, so we couldn’t understand what they were saying, but we knew from their body language…we had to remove our clothes. We were all in agreement that we just did not feel comfortable doing so, so we decided to leave. Luckily, the staff knew how much of a hard time we were having, so they gave us all a full refund because we weren’t able to do anything. On the way home we all agreed, we were scarred for life, lol!




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