Tea Ceremony

10 Jun

As one of our last activities, we got to experience a traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony. There are many types of tea ceremonies done for many occasions, including celebrations for weddings, a new year, new seasons, and other things. I think it was cool that we got to experience this tradition as a closing for our program.

To be a host of a ceremony you must have a lot of patience and concentration because your every movement counts. Every move she made was thought through, including grabbing the utensils, wiping the spoon and bowl, pouring the water, and whisking the tea. Even as she placed the utensils, she made sure to use steady movements and place all the items a certain way. When she was done making the tea for each person she placed the tea in front of us and explained the way that we had to drink it. If I can remember correctly, you first bow to the host as they place the tea. You then pick up the bowl with your left hand and then place it in your right hand. Then you have to turn the bowl clockwise so that the symbol is facing the front. After that, you can drink…but it must take a few sips. My allergies were ridiculous on this day, so I was hoping the tea would help with that.  The tea she made was much different than any other green tea I had tasted. It was a pure green color and almost foam like. This is not tea that could be bought at a regular supermarket, it is exclusive for tea ceremonies and the leaves are picked and treated with the most care. That pretty much summed up the taste for me.

This was a great experience and very interesting to see all of the effort put into making and presenting the tea. After we were all done, she told us how nervous she had been during the whole process, but I could not tell. She was very poised through the whole time.



One Response to “Tea Ceremony”

  1. LiveLaughLoveLacole June 12, 2011 at 4:46 am #

    I too enjoyed the tea ceremony. It was a nice way to end the program with a traditional gathering. Watching our host make tea was a grand performance, every movement she made was so delicate and poised, it really shows gratuity as a host. I found it cute when she said she was nervous, but throughout the ceremony it did not show at all. I felt very privileged to witness and experience a tea ceremony, although I am not a green tea drinker. I thought it tasted like 90% water and I could taste about 10% of the green tea, but was honor to be served.

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