Puricula: Japanese Photobooths!!!

3 Jun

You cannot come to Japan and not take part in Puricula, or Japanese photo booths. For approximately 400 yen, you can experience the fun of taking pictures and then drawing all over them. They are everywhere in Japan!!! You can find a bunch at the arcade and even at some grocery stores. More than just taking a picture, you can pick a certain theme, and it gives you an idea of a pose you should do for each shot. They also have features that can make your eyes bigger and your skin flawless. You can take about six shots during one session. When we went to Kobe University, one of the students showed me all of the pictures she and her friends took. They go to take pictures and she fills up that current month of her planner with all of the pictures. She told me she goes many times a month so that her planner is filled, and that she doesn’t let a month go by without going at least once.  They have a sticky back, so it is easy to attach them to anything. It is common to see them attached to cell phones, notebooks, and even my cousins stick their pictures to their Nintendo DS systems. America has photo booths as well, but they are not as cool as Japan’s (in my opinion).


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