Restaurant Vending Machines

27 May

The first night here, we all went to a small restaurant across from our hotel. As soon as we walked in, I noticed two vending machines on both sides of the wall with Japanese writing on them. Dr. C informed us that this is how we would be ordering our food. Unlike vending machines I normally see, where the food is visible through clear Plexiglas, these just had a bunch of buttons on them with a picture of the food and its name in Japanese. Dr. C helped us to get our food, but it was pretty simple when it was explained. You simply put in money, and pick the button for whichever item you want to order. The machine spits out a ticket after each selection is made. You can pick as many selections as your money will get you, and just like with regular vending machines, any money not used will be dispensed through a change machine. After you have your tickets, you find a seat and wait until the waiter comes to pick up your ticket. As a foreigner, I actually appreciated this order system. This way I didn’t have to struggle with reading the menu and trying to figure out what type of variations the waiter was offering. Of course, you don’t get much interaction with the waiter/waitress, but this is ideal for small places where people are in a hurry to grab food and go.


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    […] restaurant, with the ability to seat about 20 people at the most. Many of these places use the vending machine ordering system. Being that many people use public transportation here anyway, a drive-thru […]

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