Misery of Surviving

27 May

After I had finished walking through all of the rooms of the Hiroshima Peace Museum, I stopped at the television screen which showed had videos of many people recounting what they were doing on that day and how it affected them. I probably stayed there for about 20 minutes just listening to their stories. There was one woman’s story I can remember specifically. She had to be in her 60s-70s and spoke about just watching her daughter off to work while she and her husband were at home. After the bomb hit and she was able to gain consciousness, she and her husband went to look for her daughter in the spot her work building once stood…and after searching through many bodies and materials, they found nothing. She not only lost her daughter, but also her son and later her husband to this horrific event. She spoke about the misery and suffering of living through an experience like that and literally losing everything. Tears started rolling down my face as I listened to her speak. I remember reading an excerpt on the tour about the curse of being a survivor, and her story definitely put that in perspective for me.

When I think about war or the effects of disaster, I sometimes get caught up in how many people actually lost their lives than those who have have survived. However, the people who survived also lose a great amount. This may include their homes, personal possessions, loved ones…and for many, a piece of themselves. They must go in with life with their memories, and I admire them all for being able to do so. I could never imagine what they went through or still go through.

God bless everyone who were affected by the bombing of Hiroshima and war altogether. Hopefully one day we will live in a world of Peace & Love.


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