Social Media Presentation

26 May

As a part of the assignments for this study abroad program/TC class, we had to choose from one of four of instructional research projects. I chose to do a presentation.I worked with another student from the program (Tiffany) to put together a 20 min. Powerpoint presentation on Social Media and then present it to students at Keio Univesrsity and Kobe University. Through the whole process, Tiffany and I were very nervous; there was a lot at stake. Of course, we wanted to get a 4.0 on this assignment, but we also wanted to make a good impression as we were representing MSU. Dr. C tried to calm our nerves a little by telling us how different Japanese students do presentations, but that still did not help.

When we got to Keio University, there was another student who presented before us, and that is when we got to experience what Dr. C was talking about. Emila’s presentation was also on social media, but more specifically how it was used during the tsunami disaster in Japan on March 11, 2011. Her method of presenting was also different. During her  presentation she sat in a chair behind a desk, and read from a typed, essay- like paper into a microphone. This was much different than American style presentations, or at least the way I had been taught. In high school, I took four speech (public speaking) classes, and although they all differed in material covered, the criteria for our presentations were pretty much the same. You must stand (good posture), memorize at least some part of your speech, and maintain a good amount of eye contact with the audience. Even now that I am in college, this is still what is expected.

In America, there is big emphasis on audience connection, and even after our first presentation, we had to make a few changes to make our presentation more interactive. The second time we presented, our presentation went a lot smoother and we got the audience involved. During our last meeting, Dr. C told Tiffany and I that we earned 4.0 for our presentations, so we very pleased!


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