Why Are You So Dressed Up???

15 May

I love everyone’s style in Japan. It doesn’t seem like the people here are confined to trends and typical norms when it comes to their fashion. All in one block  you can see a girl dressed in Harajuku style, a woman with heels and shorts with tights, a man with a brief case and suit, and boys and girls with school uniforms on.  I can spot a few trends such as sheer blouses and printed socks, but here everyone makes an outfit their own. I have been here for 3 weeks now and have yet to see one girl with the exact same outfit as another (unless they were friends who did so intentionally). They do the typical accessorizing with jewelry, but also with clothes; layering is very popular here. And no one gets crazy looks from others about what they are wearing (although I have seen a few outfits that are questionable).

Most of the women here wear heels all day with any outfit. You will hardly find anyone on the subway with sweatpants on. Even when we went to Keio University, most of the students were “dressed up”; at least to us they were. When I asked on of the girls about her outfit, she said she doesn’t consider what they were as “dressed up”. She had on a sheer blouse, with navy puff skirt, with tights and heels on. Compared to my usual class attire of leggings/jeans and t-shirts, her outfit seemed pretty dressy to me. This is what I love about Japan fashion. They make it seem so effortless, this is my motivation to dress up for class now; if I can wake up soon enough! When we went to Kobe University, Tiffany and I were talking to Yuya about the American college student’s typical fashion of jeans and t-shirts for class, but it would be hard to find someone with this attire in Japan. Tiffany mentioned sometimes going to class in pajamas, and he told us that would be unacceptable here. Anyone that tried that here be laughed at and get funny looks.

Taking the subway definitely has its perks because we get to see so many people everyday. Occasionally I snap pics of people if I like their outfits, but I don’t have many because I decided to stop.


2 Responses to “Why Are You So Dressed Up???”

  1. Tiffany Phan May 29, 2011 at 5:53 am #

    I absolutely love their fashion sense! I’m totally coping their style. I’m back in Vietnam right now and they have NO style what so ever. Remember waiting for Dr. C and the class at the station? People watching and trying to sneak a picture of all the girls that dressed nice was fun. I still can believe you ran into a blind man!

  2. Francesca Boville June 5, 2011 at 3:28 pm #

    Japanese fashion was so cute and stylish, and literally everyone was dressed up and looking nice! I felt that as a group wearing shorts and t-shirts, we stuck out even more than usual. When “dressing up” is the standard, I have to wonder what their really nice clothes look like?

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